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It’s a complicated world in which information is still king. In the right hands, and used wisely, private, commercial and political data greatly improves the quality of our lives and helps create wealth, security and stability. But in the wrong hands, and used unwisely, access to private, commercial and political data can be a dangerous thing. At Data Day Shredding, our mission is to ensure that your unwanted sensitive information is disposed of securely, ethically, cost-effectively and permanently.


We take these issues seriously, and we are committed to providing you, the customer, with a service that's second to none. As such, we welcome any and all feedback that will help us improve our services, and we look forward to building mutually satisfactory relationships with all our commercial partners and end users.
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At Data Day Shredding, we shred and recycle your documentation problems and provide a complete data destruction audit. We operate nationwide. No client is too small. And no client is too large.. Call us at your convenience. We're here whenever you need us and will quickly and effectively solve your data management problems.
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